India Summer The Boss And The Client

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India Summer is on the couch with her husband, getting a nice foot massage from him while enjoying her day off. Then her phone rings, to the great dismay of her husband, but she has to pick up. She replies that one of her girls can not come to work today and that a client needs a masseuse. Despite the fact that her husband ‘does not dare’ looks, she says that she will take care of the client. Her husband can not believe she will go in if they have to be alone for a while! She promises that she will come back soon and do everything for him. After she has made a pink promise with her husband, India is running away. When she arrives at the massage parlor, Tommy Gunn is ready. India asks him how long he has been waiting here, Tommy answers that it was about 15 minutes. He adds that Cindy usually lets his masseuse in, but that she never showed up. India explains that Cindy reported sick. Tommy asks her who is going to keep it, because Cindy usually does that. India tells him she is there and ready to give him a massage, but when Tommy mentions that he usually gets a Nuru massage, she is confused. Although she does not know what that is, because she is just the owner and not a regular masseuse, she is happy to give Tommy a Nuru massage, as long as he only talks to her. Tommy agrees and they go to the shower. India is all the more confused when they are in the shower until Tommy tells her that this is also part of the Nuru massage. She is shocked that Cindy gets rid of her customers, cleans them and cleans them for a massage on a mattress! She never knew that this was what happened in the milking parlor. Although hesitant, she wants to keep Tommy’s business, so she strips back and does what he says. She does her best to give him a sensual massage without making it TOO sensual as she has a husband living at home. When it’s time to clean Tommy’s cock, she is reluctant. She insists she is married, although Tommy does not seem too concerned. She goes on with the massage, stroking his cock while she is not trying to stare directly at it. When they have finished showering, they go to the milking parlor. Tommy lays down on a mattress and India rubs Nuru gel down his back. When he tells her that he has to climb on top of him, because that is part of the massage, she is hesitant again. It is so intimate, but she does it anyway. She slowly slides away and slides past his body, and gradually warms through the contact with the whole body. As soon as she discovers Tommy’s completely stiff dick, her primal urge takes over when she starts to take off and prepares him to slide into her cunt. Once she’s on Tommy and rides his cock, it’s annoying what she makes of her to come home to her husband!